I joined Alicia's class in 2008 purely out of curiosity. Having had a bad back for 40 years and every treatment available I had no expectations of relief - how wrong I was. After about 9 months of stretching and guidance from Alicia I noticed to my surprise that my back was considerably better and I was soon unbelievably pain free. I have observed for many years how Alicia ( without making a fuss) manages peoples many and complex ailments. And as a bonus I recently attended a five year health check only to discover that all that stretching has not only strengthened by back but I am 1 inch taller!
Pauline Keen.

Alicia demonstrates and guides us meticulously. There are always alternative poses for people like me who are rather stiff, and for those with injuries. Instructions are really clear and the pace suits us all.
Pat Snowdon

The course is structured to take into account different levels of ability and any health problems and achieves this extremely well. An alternative posture is always demonstrated, if the initial one is too difficult or for health reasons is not possible. There is variation with no two weeks being the same which makes it stimulating and interesting. The benefits are helping to maintain flexibility and general fitness through movement.'
Yvonne Hewitt