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yoga classes in hexham with alicia lester

What made you start practising yoga ?
"I have been practising Iyengar Yoga since 1980. I wanted to try yoga as it wasn't merely a physical form of exercise. I found it really tough at first. I was so stiff, I couldn't even touch my toes. I was greatly impressed how students in advanced years could perform the asanas effortlessly, so I thought to myself if they can do it then there's hope for me. I soon became hooked. Within the space of 2 months I had read Mr Iyengar's' Light on Yoga' and was attending three classes a week.
Yoga has not only changed my life, it is my way of life! If I'm not teaching I spend a lot of time practising, reading about yoga or planning classes. I love to teach but also enjoy attending classes with my own teacher Margaret or visiting teachers. Sometimes I think I live and breathe yoga, it is the best thing I ever found!"

What do you enjoy about being a yoga teacher ?
"I love to teach and help others discover the benefits of yoga. It can be challenging when I have to deal with complete beginners and more advanced students in the same class, or when several of them have medical problems and/or injuries. I know students put a lot of trust in me so I see it as my responsibility to assist them the best way I can."

In what ways can yoga benefit people who come to your classes?
"Students come to yoga classes for various reasons. It can be social, some just want to be stretched physically, others have hectic lives, need to switch off and take time out for themselves. Most I would say have a more wholistic approach and become bodily and mentally absorbed quite early on. At the end of the day they will be reaping the benefits regardless. Many of my students tell me they want to increase strength, stamina and flexibility. Keep active in later life and learn to relax. They prefer to come to a class as it motivates them and they are given guidance on how to exercise safely. Yoga can provide them with what they require.

All abilities and ages are welcome to my classes. Minors however need to be accompanied by an adult."

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